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Connected Cities Integrators

Project Funding

Viable smart city projects must provide strong and sustained value in order to gain the approval of cities and their citizens but before any developmental work can begin, project funding must be secured.  For many smaller and underserved communities, this is often the key obstacle that prevents essential projects from getting started.

As a result of more than 60 years of combined experience, we can leverage our deep ecosystem of private and institutional investors to obtain funding for any project which is financially viable.  Many of our smart city projects are funded as Public Private Partnerships (P3) and as part of our initial feasibility study, we work with our clients to honor any existing lender relationships, introduce new potential partners that can address any funding shortfalls, and customize a blended solution which will cover 100% of the necessary funding, regardless of project size.

Projects may fall under the following categories:

Design – Build – Finance (DBF)

Based on a long-term Public Private Partnership (P3) model, we are hired to develop, design, build, and provide funding for any financially viable Smart City project our clients want to deploy.

Our clients are actively engaged throughout the entire project development process and they take ownership of all Smart City assets upon project completion, including the provision of all required operations and maintenance services.

Design – Build – Finance – Operate - Maintain (DBFOM)



Based on a long-term Public Private Partnership (P3) model, we are hired as DBF partner as described above but additionally provide all required Smart City build outs and all required operations and maintenance services to our client, based on revenue sharing models which encompass the duration of the Smart City system’s useful life.

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