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Citizen Engagement

With high speed municipal connectivity in place, local communities can easily deploy smart technology solutions to better engage with their citizens, expand offered services, and bring people together

Smart Kiosks

Smart Kiosks can be integrated with free Wi-Fi, 5G, surveillance cameras and analytics, mobile charging points, free video calling and smart sensors for audio, IoT and weather conditions.  These Smart Kiosks can also provide visitors and citizens with information about local services, restaurants, retail stores, and events.

From a financial perspective, these Smart Kiosks can also be used as a digital signage for advertisements and for public announcements.  Our marketing team has proven experience developing local advertising campaigns that can generate significant revenues for our clients, while helping to improve and expand the quality of city services provided.

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311 service request and CRM applications

Smartphone apps can provide real-time information on the status of city services, while providing citizens with a means for reporting non-emergency concerns and submitting maintenance and/or service requests.


Reporting a faulty streetlight or a pothole in this way provides precise location and photo evidence, and enables citizens to track the progress of the rectification work. CRM integration also enables unified bill payments for city services such as utilities and for the payment of traffic fines when activated.

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