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City Operations


is an operation center solution for situational awareness, data-sharing and collaboration

Ad hoc sharing between organizations is inefficient, inconsistent, and prone to errors. Organizations in sectors like public safety may have data sharing relationships with each other – but these same relationships may not exist between sectors, such as between local utilities and the school district. Logistics are often haphazard and manual and this absence of an efficient communications platform creates problems for each individual operations center.

CityCentrix provides data-enabled smart city operations, bridging the gaps across organizations and enabling cross-organizational collaboration and data sharing between sectors.

CityCentrix also provides real-time data correlation across these organizational systems of record, thereby enforcing data sharing policy and compliance to make operations more efficient.

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 City Hall can use CityCentrix in its various Operations Centers to see what each

organization is doing in real time during incidents, or as an everyday dashboard.



Public Works can provide real-time action updates on asset repairs.

Public Transit can show where moving assets like buses and trains are located.

Transportation departments can get incident updates from other agencies in real time with overlaid traffic details.

Hospitals and EMS can view the current state of incidents and determine if they need to prepare additional beds. EMS can easily view where Police and Fire units are located, which helps to more efficiently dispatch EMS units and first responders.

Fire and Police can share their incident information with Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) and other smart city stakeholders. They can see the status and position of important assets in other organizations, and request actions from other organizations to prepare assets.

 Utilities can see other agencies actions waiting on them, so they can rank jobs. Utilities can see incidents and situations unfolding in real time. They can work out if any are near important fixed assets like pylons, take proactive actions.

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