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Data Monetization

Take control of a growing asset

Municipalities around the world are struggling to fund important initiatives to manage infrastructure and incorporate critical smart solutions. Yet these same municipalities unknowingly possess extensive, and very valuable, datasets of information, with more data becoming increasingly available through the deployment of smart technologies.

One of the keys to helping solve this funding shortfall is already in the hands of these cities - it is their unused, unsold data assets. Monetizing city data reverses the flow to make cities the rightful beneficiaries of this valuable resource.

CCI puts cities in the driver seat

We provide a rational, realistic, well-examined path toward monetizing city data assets that maintains the integrity of any Open Data policies that may be in effect. An established framework of monetization programs, with ready buyers and known pricing, is available through our professional team of data sales and marketing experts.  They are ready to assist our clients with characterizing and humanizing data assets, setting prices, and bringing assets forward to a rich, diverse landscape of data buyers. New projects currently being considered by a municipality can easily incorporate CCI's custom monetization projections to help balance out implementation costs.

How it works

Our team of experts audit and assess available and future data assets

A Data Directory is developed for interdepartmental data sharing and collaboration

A well researched City Data Revenue Projection is built and delivered, including costs and operational requirements

Sales Activation Plan is created, to either train existing personnel or tap into the existing CCI city data sales team

Transactions are negotiated and closed, with new revenue being generated for the city

Common data asset types

One of the most common reasons cities engage with us is to get the guidance and execution expertise they need to create entirely new revenue streams from their data. These incremental revenues can take the form of:

Repackaging existing data to create new data products including reports and online subscriptions

Swaps, Exchanges, Co-Ops, and Mashups

List Rental, Licensing, Data Syndication and DaaS offerings

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