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Community Connectivity

We partner with local communities to help them design, implement, and fund data-driven, and economically sustainable technology solutions.  We strengthen under-served communities by upgrading and connecting their infrastructure, making essential technologies and services more accessible to all citizens and helping to improve quality of life.

We develop next-generation network infrastructure solutions and help guide local communities through the complicated process of deploying community-based “Open Application" fiber optic utilities. We believe by separating the network infrastructure from the services which are provided on it, we help to enable a more resilient and consumer-friendly environment. This approach makes otherwise prohibitively expensive Gigabit networks feasible to deploy in communities of any size.

We provide


City and Campus  fiber loops


Community-owned fiber to the home


Public and Private    Wi-Fi & 5G Networks


Full turnkey solutions for broadband

We work from beginning to end: design, finance, build, operate and maintain.

Open application networks

Physical separation of infrastructure and services is more consumer-friendly, creates revenue opportunities and competition.

Privately financed to move fast

No municipal money is required to expedite the process, avoiding potential scheduling conflicts and unnecessary delays.

CapEx and OpEx savings for XSPs

We take the burden of building, owning, and operating infrastructure, thereby allowing for substantial savings for providers and incentivizing them to participate.

More reliable internet connections

Fiber provides fast and stable internet connections needed for telehealth, telecommuting, remote learning, and smart home apps

Future-ready and economic benefits

Fiber transforms communities with smart city applications, 5G, and allows for economic development.

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