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Connected Cities Integrators 
Bridging the Digital Divide

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We partner with local communities to help them design, implement, and fund data-driven, and economically sustainable, technology solutions.

We strengthen under-served communities by upgrading and connecting their infrastructure, making essential technologies and services accessible to all citizens. 

Our turnkey programs and solutions are custom designed using each individual community's unique data assets to deliver:

• Improved public safety

• Enhanced quality of life

 Efficient operations and services

 Economic development opportunities


We work with municipalities, utilities and mixed-use/mixed-income communities to design, develop, finance, and implement connected technology programs.


Community Connectivity

•   Municipal fiber loops
•   Community-based fiber to the home
•   Public & Private Wi-Fi and 5G networks



Data Monetization

•  Data audit and revenue projection
•  Established data buyer ecosystem

•  Dedicated data marketing team


Public Safety

• Safety Operation Center
• Camera, ALPR integration
• Gunshot detection



Citizen Engagement

• Smart kiosks

• Events and Entertainment Apps
• 311 App with geo-tag photo capture



Urban Mobility

•  Traffic management
•  Road pricing / smart parking
•  Public transit tracking



City Operations

CityCentrix platform for
central management and situational

awareness between departments


Energy and Environment

•  LED street and area lighting
•  Utility meter automation (AMI)
•  Building/HVAC automation

New York City

Data Monetization 

Take control of a growing asset

Cities and towns everywhere already possess extensive, valuable datasets, with increased amounts of data being readily available through the deployment of smart technologies. Too many cities, especially smaller ones, unknowingly overlook the value of this existing data resource or give it away too easily.

Our team of data experts help communities to take control and monetize their data assets. After an initial audit to create a clear revenue projection, we build a City Data Directory to support improved interdepartmental collaboration.

Profitable transactions can then be negotiated with our buyer ecosystem to leverage the revenue value of the city's data assets that continue to grow year after year.

Bridging the Digital Divide

The “Digital Divide” is the existing gap in public access to information and communication technology (ICT).  Most ICT companies across the United States prefer to service more affluent communities and neglect many rural areas, elderly citizens, and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods which could benefit the most from ICT upgrades.

We are unique in our corporate commitment to investing in local communities to help eliminate this Digital Divide.

We are proactively committed to increasing ethnic diversity and MBE/WBE/DBE participation on every single project we implement – typically exceeding our clients’ goals.

We also work within the Opportunity Zone legislative program, designed to spur economic development and job creation in distressed communities nationwide, to help maximize the impact of our projects.


Project Funding

Developing creative funding strategies is one of our core skill sets. We excel at finding financial resources for our customers beyond typical lease/bond financing to maximize the size, scope, and impact of our infrastructure improvements.


We have successfully negotiated utility rebate incentives, federal tax credits, and special financing programs for previous clients, and we can provide the analytical and administrative support necessary to customize a financing package with multiple components so our clients can implement the projects they want in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Selected Projects

The projects below are a small representation of the type of projects we routinely design, develop and implement.  Whether our client is focused on IoT technologies, digital media activation, remote learning connectivity, public safety, resource conservation, or energy efficiency, our team of experts can be trusted to deliver a successful project.

Los Angeles

Hollywood Business
Improvement District

Digital media activation showcase

Project led by Smart City Labs and The Hollywood Partnership. A regional showcase and incubator for Smart City and IoT technology applications, right in the heart of Hollywood, California.

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City of Jackson MS
Public Schools

COVID-19 Learning Connectivity

Rapid response project to provide the community with fiber access, Wi-Fi, and hotspots for Jackson’s students, families and teachers. This new canopy of connectivity has enabled the district to easily transition to providing COVID-safe remote learning for its young scholars.

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Panama city unsplash.jpg

San Miguelito District
Panama City

Smart LED Street Lighting

A turnkey design-build-finance solution provides upgraded LED streetlights with integral smart controls. The Lighting as a Service (LaaS) monthly costs are less than the combined energy and operational savings being generated. 

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